We're Taking the Mask Off Autism

Autistic Pride Day in Australia
Young girl with a red flower in her hair looking forward towards the screen and with a straight face.

An Autistic-led initiative


This year we have expanded our program and hosting two Symposia in:


June 8 – Melbourne

June 9 – Sydney

This is what happened @ Autistic Pride Day 2023 in Melbourne

Session 1: Autistic-Led Programs for Children and Young People

Matthew Harrison, Rebecca Maccash, Jess Rowlings and Chris Varney.

Session 2: Autistic Economic Inclusion & Self-determination in the Social Enterprise Sector

Roo Harris, Kyriakos Gold, Michelle Ridsdale Will Rosewarne, and Dr Sharon Zivkovic.

Session 3: Understanding Neurodiversity through Neurodiverse Practitioners

Raelene Dundon, Tamsin Jowett
and Dr Judy Tang.

Session 4: Think Autism – a democratic dialogue between experts and a live audience

All of our speakers & more. Hosted by Kyriakos Gold.

Workshops & Breakouts

Autistic & LGBTIQA+ Workshop

Facilitated by Ruby Mountford

Autistic Women Workshop

Facilitated by Anita Aherne

Multiple Sensory Rooms

Free for supervised and unsupervised breaks

2024 Program

With events in Sydney and Melbourne, this year’s multistate conference brings together a diverse array of participants and thought leaders, promising an unparalleled exchange of ideas and insights.

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