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Just Gold

Just Gold is Australia’s first management consulting & creative agency that is a social enterprise.

Autistic Pride Day is a global initiative by social enterprise Just Gold that celebrates and promotes neurodiversity.

City of Sydney

The local government authority for central Sydney and surrounds. Information and council services for residents, business owners and visitors.

Just Gold Logo
Just Gold Logo

APD Australian Partners

Discover the businesses driving our Symposium in Melbourne and Sydney in 2024. Find out more about their empowering contributions.

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Global Initiative Partnership

Join us in our global initiative by empowering our free toolkit designed to help you promote inclusion and awareness within organisations and community. This comprehensive toolkit provides resources, guidelines, and strategies to effectively support autistic individuals and create a more inclusive environment.

  • Free Toolkit: Equip your team with practical resources and best practices to foster inclusion.
  • Global Recognition: Showcase your commitment on an international platform and gain recognition for your efforts.

Local Initiative Partnership: Autistic Pride Day Symposium in Australia

Become a partner for the Autistic Pride Day Symposium in Australia and make a direct impact within the local community. This event brings together experts, advocates, and community members to celebrate neurodiversity and promote understanding.

Foster inclusion

Collaborate with us to develop genuine initiatives that promote inclusion and understanding within your community.

Visibility & awareness

Raise awareness and demonstrate your dedication to fostering an inclusive environment for autistic individuals.

Create positive social impact

We showcase the inspiring stories and positive outcomes resulting from our joint efforts in supporting Autistic Pride Day and beyond. Gain global recognition for your efforts and amplify your CSR, ESG and Impact programs