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Celebrate Autistic Pride Day, take the mask off!

The primary goal of these activities is to create a positive, inclusive atmosphere that celebrates Autistic individuals and promotes understanding, acceptance, and neurodiversity.

Awareness events

Organise talks, workshops, or panel discussions featuring Autistic speakers, educators, or advocates to share their experiences, insights, and promote understanding of Autism.

Art and creative expression

Host an art exhibition, music or dance performance, or a creative writing event that showcases the talents of Autistic individuals, providing them with a platform to express themselves and be celebrated.

Film screenings

Screen documentaries, short films, or feature movies that portray Autistic characters or stories to help raise awareness and foster empathy.

Social media campaigns

Use social media platforms to share facts about Autism, personal stories, and positive messages using relevant hashtags and encouraging others to join the conversation. Fundraising events: Organise charity walks, runs, or other sports activities to raise funds for Autism support organisations or local community programs that benefit Autistic individuals.

Educational resources

Share informative materials, such as books, articles, and podcasts, to increase understanding and awareness of Autism and neurodiversity.

Inclusive activities

Host sensory-friendly events, such as quiet hours or adapted spaces, to accommodate the diverse needs of Autistic individuals and encourage their participation in the community.

Community gatherings

Organise picnics, potlucks, or game nights that bring together Autistic individuals, their families, friends, and allies in a relaxed, inclusive environment.

Partner with local businesses

Collaborate with local businesses to create special offers or discounts for Autistic individuals and their families, highlighting their support for the community.

Fly our flag

Encourage local landmarks, businesses, or private homes to fly a flag representing Autism, such as the rainbow infinity symbol, to show support for the cause.

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Monday 27 May 2024

UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 & 17

At work

How will you be celebrating Autistic Pride Day with your team? Each inclusive activity makes a difference and fosters visibility and support for Autistic individuals, whether you host a morning tea, lunch event, or even a digital activation.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 & 17

With friends

Hosting an Autistic Pride Day activity with friends is a great way to raise awareness and support to build a world that embraces neurodiversity. 

Start by registering your intention to host an Autistic Pride Day activity, and we’ll send you our free digital toolkit to help you out.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 & 17

At school

Autistic Pride Day can make a huge difference in the lives of Autistic young people and creates important visibility and awareness for your whole student cohort. 

It’s super easy to do it too, whether in the classroom, with your school’s neurodiversity group, or as an entire school.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 & 17

Talk about Autism

One of the most effective ways to  raise awareness and promote understanding and acceptance of autism and neurodiversity is by hosting discussions, sharing resources, and increasing visibility around autism-related topics.

We have put together some ideas for you.

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