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Help us distribute free resources globally and empower Autistic people and local organisations

Autistic Pride Day, celebrated every year on June 18th, is a day dedicated to embracing neurodiversity and promoting understanding, acceptance, and support for Autistic individuals. By donating to our cause or fundraising for your organisation, you are helping us provide free resources to communities around the world and empower local organisations working towards a more inclusive society. Help Us Distribute Free Resources Globally and Empower Local Organizations

Fundraise for your organisation of choice

We encourage you to take the initiative and fundraise for your local organisation or a cause close to your heart that supports the Autistic community.


Are you ready to make a difference?

Your support can help us deliver free toolkits and resources that will empower individuals and organizations around the world to celebrate the unique identities of Autistic individuals.

With your help, we can create a more inclusive world where every Autistic individual feels valued and celebrated.

Here are some ideas to help you get started

Host an awareness event

Organise talks, workshops, or panel discussions featuring Autistic speakers, educators, or advocates to raise awareness and collect donations at the event.

Organise a charity walk or run

Plan a charity walk, run, or other sports activities to raise funds for your organisation or a local community program that benefits Autistic individuals.

Create an online fundraising campaign

Set up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GoFundMe or JustGiving to reach a wider audience and collect donations easily.

Bake sale or coffee morning

Host a bake sale or coffee morning, inviting friends, family, and community members to enjoy tasty treats while supporting a great cause.

Art exhibition or auction

Organise an art exhibition or auction featuring works by Autistic artists or pieces inspired by neurodiversity. Sell tickets to the event or auction off the art to raise funds.

Partner with local businesses

Collaborate with local businesses to donate a percentage of their sales during Autistic Pride Day or throughout the month to your organisation.

Social media fundraiser

Create a social media campaign with a dedicated hashtag, sharing your fundraising goal and encouraging your network to donate and spread the wo

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