We have positions available across guest relations, ticketing, production, photography and support services.

Just Gold is currently inviting Expressions of Interest from  skilled volunteers, participating businesses and sponsors who wish to contribute to the success of the Autistic Pride Day Symposium 2024. 

We are looking for individuals passionate about neurodiversity, with insights, experiences, or skills that align with our focus areas. Whether you are an Autistic advocate, professional, educator, or ally, we welcome your EOIs to make this event a truly collaborative and impactful gathering.

The Autistic Pride Day Symposium 2024 promises to be an empowering, enlightening, and celebratory event, championing the strengths and contributions of the Autistic community. Organised with the vision and dedication of Just Gold, the Symposium is set to pave the way for a more inclusive and understanding society, where neurodiversity is not just recognised but celebrated.


Join us

Be part of this transformative event in Sydney and Melbourne, and contribute to a movement that embraces and advocates for the incredible diversity of the human experience