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Melbourne Autistic Pride Day Symposium

We are currently seeking participants, volunteers, and partners who share our vision of creating a more inclusive and accepting society for autistic individuals and their allies. By getting involved in our Autistic Pride Day celebrations, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by autism and help raise awareness about the importance of neurodiversity.


We are looking for people who would like to participate in various events, workshops, and discussions during our Autistic Pride Day celebrations. Whether you are an autistic individual, a family member, or an ally, your unique experiences and perspectives will enrich our event and help create a more inclusive environment.

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We need dedicated volunteers to assist with the organization and execution of our Autistic Pride Day events. This may include tasks such as event setup and cleanup, registration, crowd management, or providing support to our guest speakers and participants. Your time and effort will be crucial to the success of our initiative.

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We are seeking partnerships with organizations and businesses that share our commitment to promoting neurodiversity and inclusion. By collaborating with us, you can play a significant role in amplifying our impact and reaching a wider audience, while demonstrating your organization’s dedication to social responsibility and positive change.

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How to contact us

To express your interest in participating, volunteering, or partnering with us for our Autistic Pride Day celebrations, contact us via our enquiry form!