Autistic Pride Symposium

About the Symposium

The Autistic Pride Day Symposium is a premier event dedicated to celebrating and empowering the Autistic community. This symposium is a unique opportunity to come together, share experiences, and learn from one another in a supportive and inclusive environment. We are proud to host a diverse range of speakers, workshops, and activities that cater to the needs and interests of our community.

The Autistic Pride Day Symposium is powered by the Autistic Pride Day Free Digital Toolkit, a comprehensive resource we have created for organisations and individuals worldwide. This toolkit provides valuable information, practical tools, and guidance to support Autistic individuals in various aspects of life. By leveraging this toolkit, we ensure that our symposium is not only informative but also accessible and beneficial to all attendees.

Our commitment to inclusivity and community-driven content is at the heart of this event. From co-designing topics with community members to offering sponsored tickets and sensory-friendly venues, every aspect of the symposium is carefully crafted to provide a welcoming and accommodating experience. Join us as we celebrate neurodiversity, foster meaningful connections, and empower each other to thrive.

Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Event Experience

At the Autistic Pride Day Symposium, we prioritise inclusivity and relevance in every aspect of our event. Our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all participants is evident in every step of our process. Here’s how we ensure our events are designed to be inclusive and supportive:

Co-Designing with the Community

We believe in the power of community collaboration. By co-designing event topics with community members throughout the year, we ensure that our content is relevant and inclusive. This collaborative approach allows us to address the diverse needs and interests of our audience.

Speaking Opportunities for Community Members

We create platforms for community members to share their voices. By offering speaking opportunities, we empower individuals to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences, enriching the overall narrative of our events.

Neuroaffirming Panels

Our panels are carefully curated to include neuroaffirming narratives. This ensures that the discussions are respectful, supportive, and empowering for neurodiverse individuals, fostering an environment of understanding and acceptance.

Sensory-Friendly Venues

We select 6-star, sensory-friendly venues to host our events. These venues are designed to accommodate a range of sensory needs, providing a comfortable and accessible space for all attendees.

Sponsored Tickets and Accessible Attendance Options

To make our events accessible to everyone, we offer sponsored tickets and various attendance options. This initiative ensures that financial constraints or accessibility challenges do not hinder anyone from participating.

Sensory Rooms

During our events, we provide sensory rooms where attendees can find a calming space if needed. These rooms offer a respite from the event’s hustle and bustle, allowing participants to recharge in a quiet, soothing environment.

Mindful Event Practices

We are mindful of creating a comfortable environment throughout our events. We avoid amplifying sound excessively, allow for regular breaks for both the audience and speakers, and remain aware of potential triggers. This approach helps maintain a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to support extends beyond the event itself. We offer ongoing assistance to everyone involved, ensuring a positive and accommodating experience for all participants.

Safe Filming Practices

To maintain a safe and supportive environment, we do not broadcast our events live. Instead, we film the proceedings and edit the footage before presenting it at the digital event. This practice allows us to ensure that the content is thoughtfully curated and sensitive to the needs of our participants.

By incorporating these practices, we strive to create events that are inclusive, supportive, and enriching for all attendees. Join us in fostering a community where everyone feels valued and heard.

Workshops and Activities

At the Autistic Pride Day Symposium, we offer a variety of workshops and activities designed to engage, educate, and empower participants. These sessions are crafted to provide valuable insights, practical skills, and opportunities for personal growth.

Interactive Workshops

Our interactive workshops cover a range of topics relevant to the autistic community. These sessions are led by experienced facilitators and provide hands-on learning experiences.

  • Safety First: Learn essential safety techniques and strategies for various environments, ensuring you can navigate the world with confidence and security.
  • Wellbeing and Self-Care: Discover practices that support mental and physical wellbeing, from mindfulness exercises to self-care routines that promote overall health.
  • Self-Advocacy and Empowerment: Develop skills to advocate for yourself in different settings, empowering you to voice your needs and make informed decisions.
  • Knowing Your Rights: Gain a thorough understanding of your rights in various contexts, including education, employment, and healthcare, ensuring you are equipped to protect and assert your rights.