What is rainbow infinity?

We, as individuals on the Autism spectrum, have found a powerful symbol of identity and pride in the rainbow infinity symbol. This symbol represents the infinite potential and diversity of our community, reflecting the unique strengths and qualities of each individual on the spectrum.

For many of us, the rainbow infinity symbol has become a way to connect with others who share our experiences and to advocate for greater understanding and acceptance of Autism. By wearing or displaying the symbol, we are able to express our identity and show our support for the neurodiversity movement, which emphasises the value and strengths of individuals on the Autism spectrum.

The symbol also represents a shift in the way we think about Autism, moving away from a focus on deficits and challenges and towards a more positive and accepting view of neurodivergent individuals as a natural variation of human diversity. This shift in perspective is crucial for creating a more inclusive and accepting society, where all individuals, regardless of their neurotype, are valued and celebrated for who they are.

The story behind the symbol


As a collective, we have reimagined the rainbow infinity tool to represent the diversity and infinite potential of individuals on the Autism spectrum. The symmetrical lines of the symbol hold particular significance for concrete thinkers, providing a visual representation of balance and harmony that is easier to interpret.


The intentional use of gradient colours in the symbol is inspired by the LGBTQIA+ community flag and the absence of the colour blue serves as a protest against messages perpetuated by organisations like Autism Speaks. The red gradient represents this protest, while the choice to exclude blue from the symbol reflects the desire of many on the Autism spectrum to distance ourselves from the negative associations of the blue puzzle piece that has been used in marketing campaigns. Instead, the strong use of gold (represented by ‘Au’ in the periodic table), a popular symbol among the Autistic community, reflects the value and worth of individuals on the spectrum.


Together, these colors and symbols create a powerful message of identity, pride, and resistance against harmful messages and stigma, serving as a beacon of hope and connection for those on the autism spectrum